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Business Development for Creative & Food Entrepreneurs

Starting and growing a business is scary.  You have plenty of support yet trying to navigate your dreams, the customer needs and what will actually sell can bring about feelings of frustration, anxiety and sometimes down right despair.  You just don't know where to start.


We know how you feel!.....We are here to help. 

Smart Cookie Coaching helps you organize your business and grow it based on not only business skills yet also on your strengths.  We help you work through the weeds of confusion to give you clarity on where you've been and where you are going. 

We are business consultants who help home-based food businesses, caterers, and early stage start-ups (0-6 years old) build successful businesses with personal business coaching, strategic planning, digital skills training and lifestyle integration.

We also offer technical assistance to organizations who services small business.  We provide business education programming for individual companies and group training in the areas of business planning, entrepreneurial training, digital skills, marketing, sales pipeline and social media.  

Why Smart Cookie?

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Power Sessions

Let us help you organize your thoughts, actions and strengths with a well developed plan of action.


Grow your business with actionable tips and group coaching in an engaging networking atmosphere.

Free consultation

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and need help?

Do you need some breathing room and organization? 

"Shennice is amazing! She maximized my natural talents and developed a plan of action that helped me achieve the recognition of  Top 10% of Atlanta agents and Top 10% company wide."  

Char Walker / Assoicate Broker, Realtor / At Home Atlanta Real Estate

"I feel so much more organized and ready to enjoy my business"

Anne- Rooted Wellness Community

"It's like a breath of fresh air. I can operate my business better and with focus"

Wanda H - WJHymes & Company

"I can't thank Shennice enough for helping open my salon.  I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 18 years and this was my first time striking out on my own without partners.  She helped me see the big picture.  She kept me on track, on time and on budget.   Now, I am a salon owner and I love it! "​

Belinda Harmon- Owner, Styles Confidential Hair Studio


TEL: 803-814-6307 | Hi@smartcookiecoaching.com

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