Meet Shennice


When I was ready to start my business, I found it difficult to find someone to show me how to get it done based on my lifestyle, resources, natural strengths and talents.  I was so frustrated when I didn't receive the mentor support I needed from other business owners or business agencies. One by one, doors closed in my face often because I simply didn't know the right questions to ask, the right term to use, or even the right way to accomplish my goal.   I almost gave up on my dream.  I lost confidence in myself.  I desperately needed someone to show me how to start and operate a successful business in real-life not on ideal, textbook terms.. 

Can you relate?  Do you have business idea you've been dreaming to start? Are you feeling like you're missing a piece of the puzzle when it comes to growing your business? 

My name is Shennice and I want to help you start and grow the business of your dreams.  My journey of entrepreneurship started by making custom chocolate wrappers for a friend's wedding. She offered me a token of appreciation aka a little cash and that activate my entrepreneurship DNA.  I built that into until a successful online bakery and dessert catering company.  


Now 16 years later, I want to be to you what I didn't get all those years ago...mentor & supporter.  I want to help you discover how to apply your gifts, talents and know-how to achieve profitability in your business and an abundant life.  I'll teach you how to build your business using strategic action plans which focuses on not only your superpowers yet also the latest in business innovations. 

I understand everyone is unique so no cookie cutter (pun intended) action plans. Each one is tailored to your lifestyle, resources, natural strengths, talents and partnerships.  

It's time to stop the frustration, rejection and confusion of starting a business. Let me help you operate your thriving business with confidence, support and profitability. 


Lifestyle Integration

Relationship Building

Digital Skills

Creative and Services Business Development

Strategic Action Planning

Strength Building