How to Change Your Mood to the Positive Instantly

It's inevitable. You're cruising along, having a merry ole good time and BAM! Life happens! You find yourself focusing on the issues and problems. Your mood changes and you feel yourself stuck in a cycle of self inflicted negativity. Never fear. You can refocus and here's how:

1. Eliminate the word "should"

The word should brings disappointment and judgement. Instead of should, look at the situation as an opportunity.

2. Look for the Positive

The saying seek and ye shall find is a true statement. Positivity attracts positivity. When you go looking for the silver lining you lessen the the focus on the issue.

3. Give Yourself a Pep talk

Positive self talk is a way to offer yourself grace. Remind yourself of who you are and how amazing you are. Here's a few examples to get you started.

I am destined for greatness I am a winner I can do anything I set my mind to I am amazing

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