Do You Want to Start Your Own Business?


You don't know where to start?

I will get you from dreamer to business owner in just one seminar! Let me show you how to start your business with my 7-step proven framework, StartSmart. 

"How To Start A Business" Online Seminar

Shennice Cleckley, CEO/Smart Cookie Coach 

  • Learn Smart Cookie's 7-Step Framework
  • Gain everything you need to start immediately 
  • Exclusive access to bonus resources

ABOUT Shennice

Shennice Cleckley is the CEO of Smart Cookie Coaching, a business development firm that helps women grow their business with strategic planning, digital skills training and lifestyle integration.Shennice was featured by Google’s “Grow with Google” program in 2018 highlighting how she successfully transitioned her brick and mortar bakery into a completely online business model by using YouTube and self-trained online tools. Her Google video feature currently has over 600K views. 

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